How it works for premium financing

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Premium financing is comprehensible as granting money to various organizations or even individuals, to cater for insurance premium costs. The loans are subject to payment by third parties (most commonly premium financing institutions or organizations) with legally binding contracts signed between the party requesting insurance and the financing organization.  

Premium financing mainly commits to crediting life insurance, which is contrary to other guarantors like property insurance or even casualty insurance. 

With this information at hand, how do you qualify for premium financing and what are the probable client requirements? 


The following reveals a list of requirements from most financiers (premium financers) from their prospective clients:

  • Properly filled application form including premium financing organization agreement 
  • Company pin if the party is a business entity 
  • National Identity card- applies to individual applicants 
  • Registration certificate- applies to business borrowers 

Different guarantors expect different requirements for the successful application of the insurance premium. Nevertheless, the probable clients should meet all the stated requirements by their organization of choice. 

Potential clients 

Many individuals and organizations may aspire to be granted coverage with premium financing organizations. The question still persists; how do you qualify for premium financing? The following reveals the criteria applied for determining  prospective clients: 

  • Their assets are 5 million USD or even more with notable collaterals for loan acquisition. 
  • They intend to give assets to their beneficiaries. 
  • They have an urge for life insurance. 
  • They have illiquid investments or assets. 

How it works 

 The financier is bound to the insurance company through legally binding contracts with the client’s approval.  

It enables individuals or organizations to make insurance payments in installment packages over a certain period. Clients therefore acquire wholesome benefits by premium coverage through utilizing the lender’s credit and can retain their capital. 


With an increasing client network, it is evident that premium financing serves a major role with regard to business insurance coverage. Below are some significant benefits of partnership with guarantors: 

  • Promotes easier management of cash flow in a business. 
  • Rapid access to a yearly insurance coverage. 
  • Tolerable and extended period for repayment of insurance premiums.
  • It eases the burden of payment by the individual or the business organization. 


Based on factual data documented by WePay, a notable percentage- 41%- of organizations experience challenges with regard to cash flow. Low cash flow is somewhat complementary to the payment of insurance premium costs such that the premium financing institutions struggle to pay for those insurance premiums. However, premium financing is still crucial especially for business entities. 


Extremely affordable credit installments are available. The interested party should be able to meet those requirements and qualification standards set by the guarantor. Premium financing indeed is essential in business coverage and also individual benefits because it eases the burden of paying up the huge debit amount. 

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