Things You Need to Know About Disability Laws Today

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Get to Learn the Laws That Protect the Rights of Disabled Individuals 

This article focuses on the rights that are enjoyed by disabled persons and the laws that protect them from discrimination. 

Disability law is the law that guards the rights of disabled people. The law protects them from discrimination in schools, workplaces, and transport sectors. Disability laws help disabled individuals to acquire high self-esteem and courage to carry on with their daily life. 

Types of Disabilities 

Disability varies from one individual to another. Everybody has different needs. Disabilities limits an individual’s life activities. Listed below are different categories of disability. 

  • Deaf and dumb – the individual is not able to communicate. 
  • Vision impairment – the person is unable to see. Individuals who are partially blind can use spectacles to help them increase their vision. 
  • Mental health where an individual’s brain is not functioning properly. 
  •  A physical disability which includes muscular dystrophy, spinal injuries, among others 
  • Dwarfs this is where a person is too short. 
  • Intellectual disabilities such as autism, down syndrome, and a spectrum disorder. 
  • Diseases like leprosy and brain injury. 

Law That Protect Disabled Persons with Disabilities 

Federal states have enacted a law that protects the welfare of disabled individuals. The law gives them opportunities in transport, education, employment, and telecommunication. The laws condemn discrimination. Here is the law. 

Rehabilitation Act. It promotes employment for disabled people. The law enables disabled persons to get financial assistance from the Government. 

Education Act. The law ensures disabled individuals get the right education. Public schools have to acquire facilities that cater to the needs of learners with disabilities. 

Voters Registration Act. Disabled and Elderly people have access to voting. 

Transport Act. Disabled individuals have access to Air and public transport 

Fair Housing Act. The law gives Disabled Individuals the right to accommodation. 

Telecommunication Act. Disabled persons have access to telephones and televisions. 

Workforce Innovation Act. The act ensures disabled individuals have access to employment opportunities. 

Rights of a Disabled Person 

People with disabilities are our family members. They have the right to live with their families and being taken care of. You can support them by ensuring they get their rights. Listed below are the rights that are enjoyed by people living with disabilities. 

  • Right to live. 
  • Right for quality education and vocational training. 
  • Right to medical services. 
  • Right to counseling. 
  • Right to good accommodation and rehabilitation. 
  • Free from taxation. 
  • Right to public services like transport. 

Effects of People with Disabilities 

Disabled individuals face a lot of challenges in their lives. They need guidance and protection to make them adapt to the environment and society. You should encourage them to accept how they are. The following are difficulties disabled individuals come across. 

They are not able to interact socially with the community. 

Their mobility is limited. 

They have physical pain. 

They are depressed and confused. 


Disability law has a great impact on disabled persons. The law protects their rights and protects them from discrimination. Disability law is live savers. You can change disabled people’s lives by protecting their rights. 

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