what we should know in Shopify services and set up process

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Before even starting the online service: 

You must have a business idea with you. Have an idea of what you want to display before rushing to open an online service. You must have a business name. Have a logo for your business, products to sell and also their photos. 

Having in mind you have created an account which involves email and password for privacy, then step by step can have your Shopify services.  

Step-by-step guide process 

First, sign up for Shopify. 

Secondly, add a product to your Shopify store. 

Next, customize the look of your Shopify website. 

To make it better, setup your domain with Shopify. 

And finally, activate your payment processor. 


Advantages and Disadvantages of Shopify services 

Some Advantages include; 

Built-in payment tools 

Variety of payment methods are offered. Your payments can be processed through credit cards by using Shopify payments or a third party provider. There are also other payment options like Amazon, PayPal pay, Google pay and apple pay as well. Cryptocurrency payment method is also allowed for many would like to store their payments in Bitcoins as well. 

Ability to use your own Domain Name 

One can directly connect his or her Domain Name to Shopify from their store’s admin. Incase you have no Domain Name you can also easily buy through Shopify or use a third party provider. 

Ease of use 

Online services helps one sell goods and services with the minimal amount of configuration. It also offers a good alternative for those who want a complete solution with no technicalities related to site development and hosting. 

Excellent Shopping support 

The support from the experts who are 24/7 available is guaranteed hence improved work and Excellency. This is made easier through email, live chat or phone call. You can also access’s online courses, free tutorials and webinars for more knowledge on online sales. 

Below are some of the disadvantages 

Content management 

Shopify services are optimized for only selling products. 

Doe not allow email hosting 

Instead, it includes web hosting in all it’s plans offered but it does not give you a safe offer for email hosting. It means it’s very difficult to have an email baring your shop name. 

It’s costly 

This service have a lot of offers but if you want to properly function your website price must be incurred.  


To conclude, one of the greatest benefit offered is their flexibility to grow with your business. It’s considered to be the most easy-to-use platform for both growing and large online businesses; reason being that it brings merchants all the tools needed to build and grow amazing and wonderful online businesses.  

Shopify services :- https://www.sunbowlsystems.com/blogs/how-to/how-to-connect-your-domain-to-your-shopify-store