What Everyone Need To Know About Lasik Surgery

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Learn more about LASIK eye surgery

This is where we say that God is truly the ruler of all. Creating the sight in man is simply fascinating. And yet, most of us never get to appreciate the special creatures that we are. The eye is the best application of light refraction in physics only that this time its living. While most of the people have no problems with their eyesight, there is a small percentage that struggles. For them, they have issues of long sightedness, short sightedness, light effect, blurred vision and such. Many consider wearing glasses as the cure. However, LASIK (laser assisted in situ keratomileusis) surgery provides a more permanent solution thanks to the laser technology. It corrects all the flaws with precision to restore normal vision.

Vision problems

To qualify as a candidate for www signapore lasik com LASIK surgery, you must be having certain disorders that impact your eyesight. Just like we learnt in physics, light travels in a straight path until it meets a reflexive material. The eyes have the lens that focuses the light passing through the cornea at the back of the eye called the retina. It is supposed to be as simple as this. However, various defects lead to other disorders as outlined hereof.

  • Myopia – this the scientific name of short –sightedness. The light rays don’t get to the back of the retina. With this incomplete system, a person is not able to see far enough to the capacity of the eyes. The far images appears blurred.
  • Hyperopia – it’s the other name for long-sightedness. This is the complete opposite of the myopia disorder. There is no precise focus getting to the retina. The images near the eyes are hence blurred.
  • Astigmatism – the disorder here is with the corneas. The cornea adopts an uneven pattern. The images regardless of whether they are near or far end up being distorted. It hence becomes difficult to manually treat this condition even with glasses.

The LASIK procedure

Take note that this is a surgical operation ISRS. It has to do with cutting eye tissues. Only a small flap on the cornea is cut. This is necessary to pave way for the laser correction. The underlying tissue where the defect lies is hence reshaped with precision by the laser rays. After correction is made, the flap is placed back. The process is digital and computer guided. It sounds a simple procedure but the eye being a delicate organ, there is a lot of expertise and machinery required.

Side effects

Being a surgical operation, the risk factor is always imminent. However, the risk level for LASIK surgery is minute. Few side effects that are temporal may show up. These include ectasia, discomfort on the first day, dry eyes, eye sensitivity and such. They are simply not a course of worry.

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