How can I be a fluent Korean speaker?

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You are probably wondering where to start from and whether you will be fully familiar with it. It is simple, getting the right materials and proper planning will work out things for you.

Alphabets are the backbone of a language, through which words and sentences are generated. The two commonly used alphabets are Hangul for South Korea and Choso`ngu`l for North Korea. Hangul is made up of 24 letters, 14 vowels and 10 consonants. Mastering Hangul is the basic step you can’t ignore.

Where can I learn Korean online? Thanks to technology, it is easier than ever to get study resources. Such sources include Korean Comics, Lingq and Wikipedia. You can watch videos, listen to songs and go through short articles written in Korean. Besides, you can use the following apps on Google Play to perfect your Korean speaking,


  1. Dongsa – this is a verb conjugate app. It will help you practice verb usage in Korean. The app runs offline for HTML devices, making it convenient, cost-effective and efficient for users.
    2. TenguGo Hangul – it has made it cooler to learn the structure and history of Hangul. In addition, it has well-structured lessons, flashcards and quizzes that are easy to traverse through.
    3. Pop-Popping Korean – this illustrates Hangul through animated mouth positions and audio articulation.
    4. Eggbun – a tutor is waiting for you, you only need to open an account and learn Korean from here. The app will help you grasp the basics of Hangul.

    Other resources to learn Korean online from are; weekly Korean, Seemile, Easylanguages, TalktoMeinKorean, KoreanClass101, among others.

    After having the assets at hand, the next thing is to utilize them. Here are a few tips to perfect your learning Korean online:
    .1Invest In the appropriate media – this will assure you of a good lead that will help you grow from ground to higher limits. They incorporate
    regular curriculum-based manuals and the use of flashcards (this mainly boosts your memory on word translation). Some of the resource
    materials are,
    FluentU and Studystack.
    2. Master the Hangul – practice the Korean alphabet from resources you get to perfect your character memory.
    3. Build your confidence – take the chance to pronounce the new words you have learned, regardless of the mistakes you are likely to make.
    4. Make use of the media – mark Korean films as your favorite on YouTube and TV channels. Listen to Korean music and watch drama. This will
    elevate your listening skills and enable you to learn body language for expressing certain Korean words. is a useful resource
    location to stream your entertainment while learning.

    5. Join an exchange program for linguistics – learning from a colleague will not only help you learn the new language but also their culture. Visit Speaky or eXlogue for direct Korean lessons.

    Learning Korean is a very gratifying study for anyone, especially on the online platform. Don’t be left out, learn Korean and become multilingual. 

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