Biotechnology Careers

Biotechnology Careers

Most people are not aware of what a career in Biotechnology entails. When they hear this word, they envision a scientist in a white coat, working in a laboratory developing drugs to help mankind. However, they fail to realize that as with all industries, there are various biotechnology careers in this field. You can become involved in marketing and sales, research and development or manufacturing and quality control. These companies are growing and expanding all over the world, which means the number of employees they need is also increasing. If you have a genuine passion for research and want to be able to help people, such as those living with osteoporosis, get better, this may just be the career you need to pursue.

How to secure a career in biotechnology
If you enjoy math, science, and technology, you are on the right path as your education does play a large part in your decision to be a bio-technologist. Initially, only people containing masters and doctoral degrees could enter this field, but nowadays due to the rapid expansion of this industry, they now require two-year degrees or even less.

Brush Up on Your Skills
Although a passion and natural inclination for science is an advantage, you should also make sure that you are versed in other skills such as computer use, math skills as well as good verbal and written skills. This is mainly because you will come into contact with lots of people in your role and you need to be able to effectively communicate with those who you work with.

Stay Connected with People
Give yourself an advantage by making connections with people who are currently involved in this field. Talk to as many professionals as you can and familiarize yourself with Biotech organizations and groups. Another great idea is to join forums and social media groups in this field. Learn all you can by joining work-based learning programs, internships and job shadowing.

Keep Yourself Updated
Stay ahead of what’s happening in this field. Read up on trade journals and information you find on the news. You can also subscribe to news feeds. Over the past 10 years, the number of employees that have been hired has increased by 90. This will give you an indication of how the industry has grown over a decade.

Helping People with Osteoporosis
Osteoporosis basically involves the treatment of fractured bones, by using medication to strengthen bones. Biotechnology also involves researching new treatment possibilities for those living with osteoporosis. So by entering the field of biotechnology, you will have internal access to research, tools, and resources used to develop and enhance osteoporosis treatment. The research done in biotechnology is also able to help various other people with similar conditions and diseases. Overall speaking, being involved in this industry gives you the ability and resources to truly make a difference in the lives of those around you, whether it is family, friends or perfect strangers living with osteoporosis and various other diseases like it.