Advantages of Learning Japanese online

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Japanese is a language spoken by natives of Japan. With Japan’s global influence increasing due to its tremendous growth in economy, technology and culture, many people have found the desire to learn this language irresistible. Further to Japan’s influence in the global arena, cheap and reliable internet access has made it even merrier for those who would wish to learn this language online japanese course in SG 

Benefits of learning Japanese online 

Though physical class attendance is an option, many people have opted for online mode of learning (videos, notes and other online interaction) due to its several advantages.  Some of the benefits of learning Japanese online are: 

It is relatively cheaper compared to physical class attendance. It minimizes cost of commuting since you can learn at the comfort of your residence, no purchase of stationaries and other items required during physical learning. 

It is flexible. The leaner can fix online classes at his/ her convenient time when chances of disruptions are low. This enables one to fully concentrate thus giving quality results. This gives people time to attend to their other personal issues hence increasing productivity. 

Since the learning materials are always available online, the leaner chooses only the content that s/he feels is relevant to his/ her needs. This makes online learning to the precise, goal oriented and time conscious form of learning.  

Being that the leaner identifies his/her area of interest and plans on their own with minimal guidance, learning Japanese online promotes the spirit of self-discipline and self-belief in learner thus motivating them to even achieve more. 

With the current covid-19 pandemic, people have minimized rate of physical contact to prevent transmission. With such situations, learning Japanese online is ideal since it lowers chances of crowding, consequently reducing chances of the disease’s transmission. 

Disadvantages of learning Japanese online 

Learning Japanese online has proved to be suitable gauging from the above mentioned benefits. However, it also has its dark side which may lead to some unwanted results on leaners. Some of the demerits of learning Japanese online are; 

It reduces human-human interaction which may result into learners with poor social skills. This may cause depression, loneliness or occasionally learners with robotic behaviors (no human feelings). 

Since it is heavily dependent on internet access, it chances of success are only limited to ‘wired’ environments. This makes it a preserve for the haves living in areas with proper network infrastructure. 

Online acquired qualifications still suffer low recognition in most places. This means that online Japanese language acquired certificates carries less wait than one obtained through physical class attendance (school). 

Most people attend online classes from their residences. With domestic chores, there are higher chances of disruptions from either kids or other family members leading to low concentration hence poor outcome. 


Improved technology has literally turned the world into a global village. This has made interactions amongst people to be frequent. It’s therefore critical to acquire a foreign language which can make you fit into global citizenship. Japan being a global player, it’s necessary to acquire its language as foreign language. This can be done at the comfort of your home, workplace or any place of your convenience hence learning Japanese online it the prime deal.