About Dr. Meckelnberg

Curriculum Vitae
February 2000
Robert L. Meckelnburg, MD, FACP, FACNP
Specialist in Osteoporosis for Over 12 Years

Current Position: Senior, Department of Medicine, Section of Nuclear Medicine, Wilmington, Delaware, President, “OsteoRec”,
Christiana Care Health System, Osteoporosis Health Center, Newark, Delaware

Office Address:
400 Christiana Medical Center
Newark, DE 19702

Education: 1952 B.S., Ursinus College
1956 M.D., Thomas Jefferson University Medical School

Postgraduate Training and Fellowship Appointments: 1956-1957 Intern, Thomas Jefferson University Medical School, Philadelphia, PA 1957-1959 Captain, Medical Corp., United States Air Force
1959-1962 Resident, Internal Medicine, Wayne State University and Detroit Receiving Hospital, Detroit, MI

Specialty Certification: 1963 American Board of Internal Medicine
1972 American Board of Nuclear Medicine

Licensure: Delaware

Faculty Appointments: 1976- Associate Professor, Delaware Technical, and Community College
1970- Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University, and Medical School

Hospital and Administrative Appointments: 1963-1965 Investigator, American Cancer Society, Delaware Division
1974-1982 Teaching Staff, Oncologic Service, Medical Center of Delaware
1972-1994 Section Chief, Nuclear Medicine, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Medical Center of Delaware
1972-1982 Attending Chief, Medicine, and Oncology, Medical Center of Delaware and St. Francis Hospital
1982- Senior Attending, Nuclear Medicine, Medical Center of Delaware

Memberships in Professional and Scientific Societies:

National Societies:
American Medical Association Society of Nuclear Medicine (President, Mid-Eastern Chapter, 1966-1967)
American College of Physicians (Fellow, 1966)
American College of Nuclear Physicians (President: 1998-1999)
(Editor, “Scanner”, Official Publication, 1981-1983)
(Regent, 1981-1982)
(Fellow, 1982)
(Publications Committee, 1982-1996)
(Practice Management and Economics Committee, 1986-)
(Regent, (1995-1998)
(By-Laws Committee, 1984-1988)
(Government Affairs Committee, 1986-)
(Technologies Affairs Committee, 1985-)
(Nominating Committee, 1990-1999)
(Speakers Bureau, “Radiation Information Network”, 1986-)
American Federation for Clinical Research
Civil Aviation Medical Association
Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society
American College of Physician Executives
Medicare/Pennsylvania Blue Cross and Blue Shield
(Professional Standards Review Board, 1989-1991)
Nuclear Medicine Technologies Certification Board
(Board of Directors, 1989-1998)
Local Societies:
American Society of Internal Medicine (President, Delaware Chapter, 1974-1975)
Delaware Society of Nuclear Medicine (President, 1978-1979) (Secretary-Treasurer, 1979-)
American Cancer Society, Delaware Division (Board of Directors, New Castle County Unit, 1976-1982, 1993-)
(President, New Castle County Unit, 1977-1978, 1999-2001)
(Chairman, Professional Education Committee, 1980-1982)
(President, Delaware Chapter, 1982-1984)
(President, Delaware Chapter, 1995-1996)
Delaware Professional Standards Review Organization (Board of Directors, 1978-1983) (President, 1982-1983)
Delaware Academy of Medicine (President, 1982-1984)
State of Delaware (Board of Medical Practice, 1984-1991)
Medical Center of Delaware (Staff Council, 1988-1992) (Chairman, Radiation Safety Committee, 1983-)

Lectures: 1970 “Lung Perfusion Changes Due to Hyperbaric Exposure as Demonstrated by Lung Scanning” National Society of Nuclear Medicine, Washington, DC
1972 “Pathology of the Aquatic Environment” Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Washington DC
1990 “Osteoporosis – The Silent Thief” Channel 22, Access Delaware Program, Wilmington, DE
1993 “Management of The Nuclear Medicine Team” Portland V.A. Medical Center, Portland, OR
1992 Practice Enhancement Workshop on Managed Care, Moderator and Director American College of Nuclear Physicians, Washington, DC
1995 Managed Care Symposium, Moderator and Director American College of Nuclear Physicians, Washing, DC
1995 Managed Care, “Evolution and Involution”, Moderator and Director Society of Nuclear Medicine, Minneapolis, MN
1996 Managed Care, “The New Millennium:, Moderator and Director Society of Nuclear Medicine, Washington, DC

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